Shadow on the Sun

Shadow on the Sun

About Shadow on the Sun

Mars Explodes.

A sci-fi thrill ride—incredible action, inventive world-building, deadly humor, and more—for fans of movie classics such as Blade Runner and Mad Max! This is the companion to Invisible Sun and Black Hole Sun, which Suzanne Collins, the author of The Hunger Games, called “imaginative and action-packed.”

Characters return, new characters are introduced, and the action never stops. Readers embraced the first two books in acclaimed author David Macinnis Gill’s trilogy about Durango, Mimi (his nano-implant with a biting wit), and Vienne (his second-in-command), calling the books non-put-downable, thrilling, funny, and totally satisfying. A surefire bet for fans of dystopian sci-fi, from The Hunger Games to Battlestar Galactica. Cinematic action, rapid-fire dialogue, a futuristic setting on a terraformed Mars, and tragic romance—Shadow on the Sun is an unstoppable adrenaline rush!

Critical Praise:

Teen mercenary Durango’s adventures continue as Gill ramps up the cinematic action for a final showdown between our hero and his military dictator father. The complex plot won’t stand alone, but readers who have enjoyed the first two titles (Black Hole Sun, 2010; Invisible Sun, 2012) will happily revisit Mars, where martial law reigns, outlaws abound, and monks train orphans to become warriors. Durango’s implanted artificial intelligence remains a highlight, and her razor-sharp wit is conveyed in both natural language and computer code. Fellow mercenary and love interest Vienne returns for a side adventure with a Russian biker gang en route to rejoining Durango. With nonstop action and clever dialogue, Gill’s latest will draw new fans.

(Note: The bikers aren’t Russian. There are no Russians on Mars.)