29 08, 2015

Boom! targets female readers with the delightful Giant Days and Power Up 

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I'm delighted to see more women getting their work seen in the comics industry--and for those work to get press from media. Graphic-novel publishers have made huge strides in reaching out to female readers in the past decade, but monthly comics still move slowly when it comes to releasing more titles targeted to women...It’s still a pleasant surprise when one

18 08, 2015

Guzzling 9,000 Years Of History With 'The Comic Book Story Of Beer' : The Salt : NPR

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In ancient times, farmers worried about losing precious grain to spoilage during wet winters. So they figured out how to malt grain and brew it into beer, thus preserving a nutritious source of calories. In The Comic Book Story of Beer, due out in September, we get a graphical tour of such pivotal moments — from the cradle of agriculture

7 01, 2014

Star Wars Comics

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Star Wars no. 1 After more than 20 years, the force is with Marvel once again.Disney announced Friday that two of its subsidiaries — Lucasfilm and Marvel Entertainment — are working together on a series of new Star Wars comic books. The brand’s first comics were originally published by Marvel in the ’70s, back before both companies had been acquired by