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11 08, 2015

The Original Star Wars Concept Art Is Amazing

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Ralph McQuarrie's artwork drew me to Star Wars months before it was released. His conceptualization of Darth Vader was unlike anything Id seen, and I had a visceral response...mostly hate. Over the years, my sympathy for Vader changed, but for the 14 year old me, McQuarrie's lithe Vader with the long snout-like breather was it. BuzzFeed has collected many of the conceptual pieces

7 01, 2014

Star Wars Comics

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Star Wars no. 1 After more than 20 years, the force is with Marvel once again.Disney announced Friday that two of its subsidiaries — Lucasfilm and Marvel Entertainment — are working together on a series of new Star Wars comic books. The brand’s first comics were originally published by Marvel in the ’70s, back before both companies had been acquired by