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28 04, 2014

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penguinteen: The night before leaving for college can be full of uncertainty and excitement, but never fear! The Night Before College knows just how you feel. 

24 04, 2014

Booklist liked ODIN’S RAVENS!!!

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Booklist liked ODIN'S RAVENS!!!melissamarr: We now have the 2nd industry review in for ODIN’S RAVENS. Kirkus came in early (& said only good stuff!). Now, Booklist did the same thing :) Excerpt of the review: "This sequel to Loki’s Wolves (2013) delivers plenty of action as well as reflective moments … . Former middle school classmates…

20 04, 2014

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New Book! Boy Mercury - An Antebellum Steampunk Tale: Episode One: The Welding. "Weeks after the Treaty of Towson formally divides the victorious Confederacy and the defeated United States into two separate countries, an army of former slaves and immigrants led by Amboy "Boy" Babbage and his friends—a enchanting spy and a fiery aeronautrix—rise against the mechanized forces

18 04, 2014

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Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress. Kiera Cass (via maxonshreaves) What’s your wish? (via smartgirlsattheparty)

16 04, 2014


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That’s the royalty from my first month of ebook sales on Amazon. Not much, but it’s 25x what my traditionally published novella paid during the same month.